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Used stamps are always gratefully received by Pam Turner (732710) for the Leprosy Mission.
Children and Adults welcome. Our new musical director, Graham Caldbeck, is recruiting and training a choir. It will have a practice usually on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at 9.30am. Children will spend part of the service in Sunday School and then return to sing. Children only will receive £1 for practice and £1 if they stay on for Sunday School and Singing.
The next choir practice will be from 9.30 - 10.15am on the 3rd August. There will be no choir practice on the 20th July.
Ruth Smith is currently teaching at St Clement, Malindi and happy to report that thanks to your Lent donations the children are now enjoying their daily porridge. She is appealing for help with her wish list of £170 to equip classrooms with pencils with a rubber on the end, small 6" rules, colours, pencil sharpeners, staple gun and staples, big pieces of cardboard, glue sticks, football pump, plus a broom (£3), dustpan and brush (£7), a mop (£7) and bucket (£5) for each classroom. Please see David or Pam if you can help. Donations of £50 or more can have tax reclaimed. Thank you.
David would also like to hear from anyone who would like to sponsor the purchase of refurbished computers for the computer room being built in Malindi. Just £100 or £80 with tax back.
Thank you to the Overseas Aid Commission for £10,300 towards building of toilet block and classrooms at St Clement School, Malindi, and £3,500 for a toilet block and classroom to match funds raised by Le Rocquier School for the Bengo Nursery.
Please remember Kenya in your prayers. Following attacks there are many widows and orphans, and Bishop Julius is appealing for help with food, blankets and mosquito nets which will be ditributed by the church to those families which have been affected by the recent violence. Please give any donations to Pam if you would like to help.





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