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Please rememnber that Used stamps are always gratefully received by Pam Turner (732710) for the Leprosy Mission.
Our musical director, Graham Caldbeck, is always looking for children and adults to join the choir. Children will spend part of the service in Sunday School and then return to sing. Children only will receive £1 for practice and £1 if they stay on for Sunday School and Singing.
Unless otherwise indicated in the Church Diary, all choir rehearsals before Holy Communion services at St Clement are from 9.30 to 10.10am and rehearsals before Family Services are at 10.00am
The Caldwell Hall is available for hire for children's parties - £45 for a three hour session with a half price extra hour to help set up and clear away for £8 on Saturday Mornings and Afternoons, and Sunday Afternoons. There is an excellent kitchen and a hall with enough room for a bouncy castle, with the option of adding on a comfortable room with glass doors for just £10 for guests to escape the noise but still see their children. Telephone 851992. 
Pam Turner would like any size jam jars up to and including 1lb size, with lids if possible, for the jams and chutneys that she makes for sale to raise funds for the Church. Please see Pam after any service or call her on 732710. Thank you.
Please also speak to Pam if you have any strawberries. Due to a short supply this year, Pam and Jean will not have enough to make jam.


Volunteers are needed to help with tea/coffee after the morning services in August. Please put your name on the rota sheet at the back of the church if you can help.




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